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Returning player, questions on pet prices


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I last played in 2010, on Lake Superior during the Free Return that year (I missed the two since then)

Back then, I was using various pets - White Wyrm, Nightmare, Dragon, Rune Beetle, and Hiryu (all of which I had tamed prior to deactivating in 2005.) With the introduction of the Greater Dragon, I know most other pets aren't used as often, which is where my questions come in.

As I have not yet reactivated my account (which I intend to do this weekend), I couldn't tell you the stats or exact skill levels of any of my pets except for my White Wyrm. I know the WW was a 7xGM, while the rest of my pets have multiple GM-level (or higher, where applicable) skills. I'll know more when I reactivate, of course, but as a general idea, how much would I be able to get for selling these pets (the Wyrm in particular?)
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Kylie Kinslayer

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Honestly it depends on how old the pets are and if any of them are a pre patch kinda pet. Take the Cu Sidhe for example, they nerfed it's speed to where if it's health is low the Cu walks slowly. But there are the older Cu's that do not do that and are/were called Speed Cu's.

These days if the animal is fully trained it does not effect the value as much imo. But the pet's ranking does. Most people use this calc ( http://www.uocraft.com/taming/pet-power-calculator/ ) to determining where that specific pet ranks.