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Returning Old Player and VvV


Hi guys - so I started playing again last month after a 10 year hiatus. I love playing again it's been a lot of fun so far.

One thing that has bothered me though that I didn't find out about until after I got killed this week is VvV.

I'm very disappointed with the execution of this system. I'll tell you my experience:

I went to a event this week on Napa Valley - the event itself and other events I've been attending have been great congrats to those responsible for putting those on - this one was multiple destinations, the first one was in fel. I brought my newly bonded cu sidhe that I'd been spending the last couple days training (this was my first real experience with taming, and I gave him an area affect). He attacked the monster everyone was fighting and all of a sudden I noticed the cu sidhe turned orange?!?!? I looked at my own status and saw that I turned orange. unsure what just happened, I invis'd myself and tried to figure out what was going on. I appeared a short while later and was spotted before I could invis again and was killed by someone in VvV who was slaughtering everyone who didn't know better (like myself). It sucked.

Next day I went with my brother (whom also went to the event and managed to turn orange as well, and is also a newly returned old player) to a champ spawn in fel like we've been doing since we came back. got to the boss and we sent both of our dogs on it and they both were attacking each of us. apparently we didn't realize it but he was still orange from the previous night - we ended up having to kill each other to make sure the orange wore off and we could continue.

Today - I went to fel to meet with a bunch of players - ran through fel brit and it warned me that I'd be free to attack if I stayed there, I figured I was just passing through real quick and I wouldn't have anything to worry about, once I get out of brit I'd be fine. nope, got close to where I was going and was jumped by a bunch of VvV, cause I stayed orange despite leaving the VvV area and not interacting with anyone VvV, and was slaughtered.

So yea, 1 week of 3 bad experiences related to VvV that all sucked. I love the idea of VvV, I love pvp - I don't love getting killed cause I randomly turned orange and possibly didn't realize it. It's a load of crap and I'm sure really turns anyone off that doesn't know about it or want anything to do with it.

I think there should be an opt out of VvV - that lets you turn off the ability to interact with VvV until you turn it back on - at which point you have to wait x hours before you can interact with it again. If anyone else has had poor experiences with this system please comment below.