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Returning critter wrangler...


Stratics Veteran
been gone since '08. Siege Perilous for life. Got one nightmare, 2 dread warhorses, one bake kitsune, one greater dragon, one rune beetle, and two vollems (i dont even remember how i got those)

All tamed and trained long before any training additions or changes.

I am fairly overwhelmed by all the numbers involved. In fact, it reminds me a bit of imbuing and its costs that drove me out of UO. However, I am determined, as training pets was one of my Zen things to do back in the day. Anyway...

I dont have many questions about the process, but I do see everyone talking about scrolling up their pets. This can be tricky on Siege, as spawns are carefully guarded. My questions are in relations to scrolls.

1) How do I feed a scroll to a pet
2) Is there a limit of scrolls they can eat, or no limit, such as players?
3) Do I need to do anything before I feed a scroll to a pet? I.E. do I need to "begin training" before it will accept it?
4) Do I need a quest (*growl*) to begin scrolling pets?
Thanks for your time y'all. I am aware of the potential for major damage to my pets so, while I have still been riding the nightmare, I have not tried to begin training on any of them, or even use them for other than emergencies. They are fully bonded and insured lol


Stratics Veteran
Whoops, sorry mods. Wanna move me to regular tamer discussion? lol


There isn't a limit on the number of scrolls, just the available skills that you can train on the pet. Any skill that your pet has, and has an associated powerscroll, can be trained up. You can also unlock other skills depending on what magic or abilities you add to your pet.

The process of adding a powerscroll to your pet is during the pet training process. Once you've reached enough trainign points to advance your pet to the next slot level. For example going from 2-slots to 3-slots, you have 1501 points to spend on whatever you want, if you want to change your pets Parrying from 100 to 120. You put the 120 powerscroll in your backpack and then train that upgrade on your pet. Available points are used, the scroll is consumed and your pet's skill cap raises to 120.

Beyond that Play with the training system on Test Center before you do it for real. Especially when considering how you want to train that pet. There are a lot of combinations of skills and abilities that you will be able to play with. It all depends on what you want to do with the pet. Spawns, 1v1 bosses, specific encounters/bosses, etc...


If it is a old vollem, you might want to bring them to TC to test various builds. If you keep them below Taming requirements of 30 ( I think), characters without taming could control it.

And since every time you change the stats of your pets (be it resistance, HR/MR/SR, basic stats, skills etc), the requirements will change slightly. Personally would love to get hold of old vollems myself....

1. By having the appropriate scrolls in your backpack, then use the training menu to choose it.
2. Nope
3. For some pets you might want to skill them so they can get their stats to MIN of 125 to save some points
4. Nope