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Returned player, made a Bard & want to make him a treasure hunter too..


(I posted this on the treasure hunter channel too, so apologies for the double post - this channel looked a little more active)

Hey team,

I've recently come back to UO after many years away, I've have played off and on since launch but it's been 6-7 years since I was last in game. I thought i'd try something completely new this time so I've made a Bard, which to my surprise i'm really loving!

The problem I'm having is that i'd really like to do treasure hunts on my Bard. I mostly play solo on Oceania and I use to really enjoy doing treasure maps in the past on a different character, and they'd be more interesting than just killing the same mobs that i'm doing at the moment, but I can't figure out how to manage it without nerfing my character. I'm currently:

120 Provoke
115 Music
115 Discordance
110 Peace
100 Magery
100 Eval
60 Med

Ideally I'd like the bard skills at 120, but I'm too poor for the scrolls at the moment so that's not likely anytime soon. I've got two soulstones, and have GM lockpicking and cartography on another character. I'll have to train remove trap but want to think of a way to make this work before starting that ordeal.

Any suggestions on what I should soulstone out to fit in what I need to do maps on my Bard? I figure I can dump med, eval, and magery if I need to, but I'm a bit lost after that, and losing magery would be a major pain.

It might be a case of me wanting to have my cake and eat it too, but am open to suggestions!

Thanks all, it's nice to be back!

DreadLord Lestat

Forum Moderator
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You will need to add in 100 cart, 100 lp, and remove trap. You really won't have an effective t-hunter without removing peace, disco, and med. You will need a high mana regen suit. You can no longer just stone off cart because that affects your digging up the treasure since the changes. With only 100 magery and 100 eval, your EV's won't be as tough and will be easier to dispell.


Seasoned Veteran
My tamer-bard in TH- mode is: Real(with jewels)
Taming 100 (115)
Lore 100 (115)
Remove trap 100
Cartography 100
Peacemaking 120
Music 120
Magery 80(110) with kotl black rod in hand. You can have sword sow prosperity or whatever mage weapon available. Just for self-defense.

I do 3 chests at once. Dig -area peace - fly away, let pet kill stuff. With me helping him spamming area peace and peacemaking buffs.
After killing guardians I make a rune and go to another location to dig. After 3 chests I go and switch cartography for lock pick skill. Since time already passed, my RT skill PASSIVELY does the trick and traps are removed. So I just open chests and take stuff. Peacing Grubber if my LP fails.

Anon McDougle

Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
You can provo them but eventually there's just one left and bard thunters have not enough offense to kill..