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Resi and DMG Question


Stratics Veteran

what do you think?

Assuming i have an enemy with balanced damage. So 20% in each resi.

Is there a difference if my pet has resists of 73% in each resi or can it also have 80 80 80 45 80 because the difference is too small?

I assume the total dmg.


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Stratics Veteran
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Glorious Lord
There is no difference with spread damages, you can put the resist how you like, you will take the same damage anyway. So put the resist for encounters where you have some damage that is higher then the rest and count for that instead.

Just to calculate your example lets say damage is 100 in every type then

with all 73% resist you take 5*27 = 135 damage

with 4 at 80% and one 45% you take 4*20+55 = 135 damage


The above is my understanding, what matters is certain speacials and the damage type they do. So... phys, fire, and energy being the most common, most people bump those first. Cold and poison being lower end.

The k's and pawain will tell ya to tailor your pet(weapon) to your prey. For me, its easier to have an all rounder( and i have sentimental attachment to).