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[Report] Yewish Drow Mine Invaded (Sunday 6th)


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A crowd had gathered at Yew, Much to the displeasure of the Yewish guardsmen.

Nathan Hawke arrived and had words with Bladius Dart, Of Yew.

Nathan Hawke: "The Queens orders are simple, She wants the dragon kind in the mines killed."

With permission from the Yewish Army everyone headed South east from Stonekeep and stood near the Drow Mine Hole.

Two miners I saw were sadly killed in the battle.

After saying the magical password of 'defgrud' we found ourselves in a large crumbling cavern, deep inside, Dragon Egg Incubators and, Sadly, Dragons!

Inside was a book (that was found earlier this afternoon, Report here) it said:

These caverns are extremely weak and crumbling. Use of explosives is STRICTLY prohibited! Anyone caught using explosives will be executed immediately! These are your commanded! Accomplish not fail your House!

After the dragons had been killed Nathan yelled for us to evacuate the caverns before they collapsed, Outside people waited for Nathan.

At this point the crowd slowly dispersed.

Flame (DrR)

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nice report Mapper thanks, I did not realise their was dragon eggs in there.
Nathan has asked Bladius (GRD) to think of a way to safly clear the blockage for us to investigate further. My canon idea was rejected for some reson :thumbdown: