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[Report] Underground Graves Found In Yew (Sunday 27th)


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A large crowd gathered at the Counselor's Hall in Britain, Personally I was a little worried for Nathan as the clock closed in at 8 o'clock.

To my surprise, Nathan arrived on time and began like any other day.

Nathan Hawke: "I dare say myself and Fynn will try our best to keep the Kingdom together."
Tonights mission would be to travel back to Yew and check on the status of the plague.

At Yew the Royal Guard met up with the Guardsmen Militia at Stonekeep.

Nathan then gated everyone to another part of Yew. In the area were several memorial stones sticking out of the ground, as well as a very out of place stone column.

Nathan Hawke: "Normally at this point we ask Madsen to blow things up, But this time we aren't going to do this. And you will like this."
Melissa: "Push it over?"

And with that Nathan asked everyone to gather on the east side and to push with all their might!

Finally the column moved, revealing a deep hole, Which the Royal Guard quickly jumped into!

Inside a warning was posted at the entrance of several long caverns.

"If you are reading this you will have triggered the alarm to my underground lair. You will die and be used in my experiments."

The caverns were filled with more gravestones, as well as coffins and undead. The undead appeared to be people from Yew's past.

At the very end of the caverns a dead end, Reports of a Mysterious Figure behind the wall quickly spread.

Suddenly the wall opened up and inside were cows and rats, as well as a book on a table which spoke about how the Yew plague started by an experiment with Rats and Cows and that a cure is the Serpentwyne. (I forgot to get a copy of the book, Sorry.)

At the back end of the room an exit was found and Nathan asked everyone to meet him Monday 28th at 8pm in the Counselor's Hall where what was found would be discussed.

As a final word, I don't want to talk about the entire 'problem' but I will just include this.