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[Report] Searching for the Blackrock Mines (Wednesday 5th)


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Nathan Hawke arrived with a serious matter to discuss at the Counselor's Hall this evening, A few of the crowd told Nathan about the sightings of blackrock infected citizens in Yew, Skara Brae, Trinsic and Vesper.

In a chest near the infected citizens was a book that said they had been forced to mine the blackrock. (You can read about the book in this thread.)

Aron said a few folks went to the Orc Caves but found no evidence of mining, More books on a blackrock infected dragon said it was being done for the dark elves. Aron said it was hard to tell what was completely happening as the books were badly damaged.

Traveler continued saying there was a guarded chest in Sanctuary near the Succubi.

Nathan Hawke then asked if anyone had any previous experience with Succubi.

Culexus Arbiter said it reminded him of the Haven Incident, Where Haven was filled with blackrock infected monsters.

Fear, A dark elf in the corner of the room, Said however the pieces of blackrock involved with Haven being destroyed were much larger than what has been seen so far this time.

Nathan went back to the blackrock and asked when this infection was first spotted. Yelena from Trinsic said it was first in Trinsic 3-4 weeks ago. Blackrock had been found lying around Trinsic and the Elven Quarter. Then last week it was found ground down into bread making Escaflowne from Vesper go barking mad (How they noticed a difference, I don't know.)

Nathan then took out a book he had found from a dragon, Translated as best as possible, it said:

We may have to rethink using humans as they become sick and fill with madness after very little ****sure to the blackrock. I suggest we look for some c****n fo**er in the form of the ***s. The dragons are useful for moving the blackrock but our control over them wanes after some time.

Nathan suggested that whoever wrote the book is looking to use the Orcs. But he just didn't know what to do at this time.

Gwen from Trinsic told Nathan to ask the Orc. An Orc named Xugsnik in the corner of the room came into view.

Nathan: Orc do you know anything of this?
Xugsnik: Stoobid 'oomie talkin to mega?
Nathan: Yes I am talking to you, and less of the stupid.
Xugsnik: Wut yug talkin? Dragun'z?
Nathan: It would seem there are plans afoot to enslave you orc.
Xugsnik: We'z too strong for anywun! We'z bash dem wiv our clobbaz.

Nathan then asked the Orc what he was doing here, With not much of a response from the Orc he turned away and sat back down.

Nathan: The main thing we need to find out is where the mines are.
Irvyn: Find the mine, find out who is using it, and stop them.

A few Orcs had gathered at the doors of the Hall during the talk, Nathan walked over and said they weren't welcome here, Especially not in a room full of Orc haters. Nathan asked those who wish to kill the orcs say aye, Several did, but a few others suggested we not trust them, but also not kill them.

Aron then said we should take a look at the Orc Caves, He suggested the mining works may have became more obvious since last week.

At the caves Nathan said he would be back but to carry on, Nothing seemed unusual in the caves and we met up outside Mericles Cave.

Inside, A few Orcs were killed but again, Everything seemed normal.

With no real evidence Nathan said we were done here. Before leaving for the night Nathan asked if anyone had any further information to send it to him and they will meet up again soon.


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In my defence, Nathan agreed with me in checking the orc mines again! It's not my fault we found nothing! :p

Also I think the missing words in the book are "exposure", "cannon fodder" and "orks"...


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We got told it was cotton fodder! I demand that the orcs become cotton fodder, whatever that may be!