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Renewed but there has to be an easier way!

Irulia Darkaith

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I've got my accounts on auto renew but recently got a new credit card (same number, new expiry date). I'm a long time player so I've had this happen before. Today my account officially closed itself. I went to renew, selected the option to "reactivate my account" (there was no renewal option). When I selected this option it gave me two choices - the credit card number that was stored or pick a new one. If I select the saved credit card it will not let me continue to the next step (no error or explanation, the continue button is simply greyed out). If I choose a new credit card it won't let me because it says the card is already in use by another user.

So I decide to buy a game time card (somehow it says my password isn't good - fine I reset it back to what it was). I buy a game card, get to the checkout and it also remembers my old card number. But now I can actually update the credit card information. I do so, decide to go back to account management and try to reactive my subscription. Suddenly everything is fine!

Did I miss something or is this really the only way to update your credit card on a closed account?

PS I should point out that I intentionally let my account close as for the longest time the subscription information area has been blank (only for this account). Last time this happened I panicked and renewed my subscription. The end result is I got double billed - so I didn't want to do this again.
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