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What Is Happening!

Please be aware that tomorrow we will be taking the site offline in order to perform a server migration and update to our software. There will be some major changes due to these updates please read below for a brief overview. Additional information will come post-migration once the site is back live.

  • Stratics.com will direct you to a new Stratics Central.
    • Future Site announcements, general tech and gaming news will be published here.
      • Much of the content from the now-defunct portals will be made available.
    • Stratics.com/uo will be a new Ultima Online portal for UO specific news and stories.
    • Additional Portals may be added in the future depending on staffing and interest.
  • community.stratics.com will be the Forum URL going forward.
    • New features will be available for everyone
    • Some Stratics Pro features will be going away and replaced with new features.
    • A new forum "Stratics Unleashed" will be added, this forum will be Opt-in and act in a similar manner to No Holds Barred did in the past. Instructions on how to Opt-in and rules on what is and isn't to be allowed will be published in a new thread post-migration.
  • wiki.stratics.com will be the address for the Stratics Wiki
    • Contributors to the wiki will need to make a separate account to do so. If you have contributed in the past and wish to continue to do so please contact me after the migration so I can set you a temporary password, your current forum password will not allow you to log-in to the stand-alone wiki.
UO2.stratics and UO.stratics have already been migrated.

What we need from you!

Patience. This migration will take several hours to complete. In the event, some unforeseen issues arise, the maintenance period will require being extended. Please keep a check on Twitter and Facebook for any updates.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to migrate content from the Article Management System we are currently using to Wordpress. There also isn't a way for us to Migrate this content to Xenforo 2.1.x these articles (~450) will need to be migrated by hand.

Staff Needs
With the increased flexibility our return to a dedicated CMS for publishing brings, we would like to ask that current regular contributors to the Article system consider applying to become Reporters for UO Stratics. If you are passionate about other games, you may also consider becoming a writer for Stratics Central! Please contact @Larisa if you are interested. If you wish to be a casual contributor, there will be an option for that too, details to come after the migration.

As always we are looking for dedicated people to assist in contributing to the Wiki, anyone interested please create a new account on the wiki after migration or if you have contributed in the past and wish to continue to do so please contact @Nexus after the migration so I can assist you in getting logged into the new stand-alone wiki.

Interested in helping with the Forums? Contact @DreadLord Lestat about joining the forum staff. Be warned those without a thick skin need not apply!