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Regarding TGN interview


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I watched the interview and was semi happy with the questioning.."what's your favorite pie" :/ ..anyways!! Is it at all possible to make it an MMO for PC and not as much for mobile? I'm not for "instances" or pre set battles only because most game just don't do it right..now age of conan is a prime example the pvp sucked..heck it was even watered down questing with the same same general with a ! Over his head handing out the easy XP..but one thing I think that could have been awesome if it was done a little better "night questing" now that's perfect for Mobile..and perfect for an instanced battle with 3-4 party members but for a standalone PC counterpart those options shouldn't exist it should be a MMO or honestly you've already lost the interest of all hardcore PVPers and I'd even go as far as saying PVMers we need people to feel into a game what's PVP without people? Now I say NO to arenas..as a prime or sole PVP..open PVP eh..I love it! But I want thousands of players not hundreds...so a compromise to make both parties happy..not sure if it attainable...


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While it may be attainable, it's obvious that is not the direction they are taking with URPG.

The big misconception is that URPG will be an MMO - It will not be. As has been stated, even in that interview, it's a single player experience first and foremost, with MMO and social elements added. The way he describe the world map, how scenes work, etc., all amplify this point.

There will be PvP elements, but the how and why of how it will work hasn't been explained yet. This is also a curious point of interest for me, and as soon as they feel like talking about it, you can be sure we'll report on it.

I would love to see what you ask for as well, but this simply isn't going to be that. Perhaps after URPG, they can take these suggestions and make UMMO? :)
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