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[Imbuing] Reforing and imbuing help on weapons

Kelly Daze

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Ok I am making some weapons for my sampire. I am very new to a sampire. I have always been a mage or archer. I having some problems and need some advice

Making Broadswords
shadow runic to reforge only adds one property
HLL 81 or HML 81 or HSL 70 with 40 DI & 100 phy from making with regular ingots

1) With one property reforged why can I only inmbue 3 more properties?
2) If I add a slayer to the weapon what properties are the best?
Slayer, HML, HLL, SSI, & DI
Slayer, HML, HSL, SSI, DI
or what properties should I imbue?

3) What to enhance them with?

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Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Damage Increase 40% from being exceptional is a 'magic' property counts against imbue.

If you are a SAMPIRE, then you are in vampire form, and don't need HLL on the weapons, because you'll already have hll from vamp form. Also, you can maximize swing rate without SSI on the weapons. There's thousands of words of discussion on this topic over in the UO Warrior forum. Check it out...