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[Imbuing] Reforging/Imbuing/whatever else is being added.


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I just came back to the game not too long ago. I'm completely confused on the new crafting and have been reading up on it for a while now.

I'm trying to build a decent mage suit for my characters. Currently I'm working on my scribe mage. I'm figuring I don't want to imbue resists and just enhance after imbuing/whatever else with a forged runic for the added resists.

If I want casting focus or damage eater on a suit would I reforge plain leather pieces until I just get the mods and then imbue? I'm looking at attempting to make a piece that has 2? Casting Focus or damage eater, 20 LRC, 8 LMC, 2 Mana Regen, 5 HP Increase or better if possible. Also any tips and advice would be much appreciated...I've been in limbo for two weeks reading on this stuff and I'm still confused on what the best possible way would be. I'm OCD :<
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Okay first off, you can only get 5 mods when imbuing. In order to get the casting focus of damage eater you need to reforge the regular leather items with a lower number of names because if you use the max you will not be able to imbue the piece at all (over 500 intensity from reforging). Also notice it is entirely possibly to get a piece with more than the max lrc, lmc, mr and hp. It may be entirely possible to get a 25lrc 10lmc 3mr and 5hp increase piece. Keep that in consideration when building a suit as this should be the piece you make first if you are going to imbue everything else. Having said that, reforging can get expensive quickly if you are looking for one specific mod or set of mods so be prepared in advance.

One last thing to check, which reforging with one name is that you do not get a resist mod. The way to check is to attempt to imbue any resists (choose the lowest one), if the total mods you get are equal to the non-resist mods then there are none. If you get something more than that you have resists that are mods. Say you have a 2 casting focus, 20lrc, 15/8/10/11/13. You may find that you are using 3 or 4 mods depending on if the physical and energy resists are mods out of your 5.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more lol.