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[Imbuing] reforging and property intensity


Stratics Veteran
I'm still trying to build my suit and had a few questions about reforging.

So I would like to reforge a studded armor piece to have +5 str. What tool would I use to try and get only that on a piece of armor?

Also does reforging the piece add property weight to that item. Another words would I be able to imbue an armor piece with +5 str (reforge), +8 lmc, +8 stam, +8 mana, +5 hit points? Or would I need to lower the lmc to 7 (or something like that)

The Doctor

Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
[Imbuing] - Reforging. How to
scroll down and find semmerset post he has several useful charts he posted for reforging, I would suggest saving the charts to a folder on your desk top as they are on different pages etc.
The property you reforge for also counts for imbue total weight and 1 of the five imbues you can make if reforged for a single property.