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[BUG] Reflect/Plague.

  • Thread starter Lord GOD(GOD)
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I don't know if this is already common knowledge, or if it's just something we were doing inaccurately but...

I was messing around with a friend seeing how Magic Reflect worked.

My character: Necro/Scribe/Mage, 15 SDI items, all 70's
Her character: Mystic/Mage, 5 or 10 SDI items I think, all 70's

I put on Magic Reflect so I have a 100% pool, she casts Spell Plague, 7th circle takes 70% of my pool. But if I trigger the burst damage on her it only does 2-3, when she does it on me (without the Reflect) it does 8-9.

So in other words it seems like the burst damage is using my Focus skill for determining the additional damage.

There are probably other factors I'm missing, but just wondered if anyone else experienced this.