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Redragon S101-3 Keyboard/Mouse and UO Macros

Kylie Kinslayer

Stratics Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I have always used a standard ship with pc keyboard and mouse while playing. There was a time where I used the Nostromo Speedpad but my son commandeered that a good while back lol. So the wife snagged me this keyboard and mouse combo. Supposedly there is a way to set up to macros through the mouse but I have not been able to figure it out when it comes to the CC. Anyone have any success with that?


Stratics Veteran
if anything like my old Logitech G15 keyboard, there should be some software you install. That software allows you to create profiles for various accounts or toons and assign keys to anything. A quick look on Amazon shows a kb/mouse box stating application and macro instructions included.

ADDED: Rereading your post, I think what you want is to define whatever macro keypress you want in the CC - using the EA macros or using UOA. Then use the S101 profiler to establish a key/button press for the S101 which sends whatever keypress you need.

Example: Press ` (tilde) key in S101 app which sends F1 (action def in S101 profiler) to UOA which is defined as "Bandage Self".

Mind you, this is guesstimation based on a pic on Amazon and my experience using the G15. Gad I miss that keyboard ... crapload of macros I could define. All on separate keypad structure.
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