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EM Fiction RECAP ~ Have Gear will Travel Mission IV - The Case of the Missing Relic


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Have Gear, Will Travel ~ Mission IV - Case of the Missing Relic

Once again, Mercenary Gunner gathered the citizens of Origin together to discuss a new mission that he had received from King Blackthorn.
Mercenary Gunner lead the citizens to The Chamber of Virtues in Britian where the monk's emissary proceeded to apprise them of the situation.

*Hail to all who have heard our call...
I was sent to speak for all the Monks who find themselves in need of your assistance*
-unrolls the waxed sealed monks scroll-
*Three ruthless bandits broke into our Sanctuary and stole one of our most valuable treasures! The Bust of our beloved Monk Horace who was slain many years past in Yew by an Orc clan.
We beseech you in helping retrieve this priceless artifact*
*Although we are of meager means, we will reward you in its recovery*
"Have you any clue as to these bandits whereabouts?" Asked a citizen.
*The three bandits were last seen running to the North...towards Snakes Pass. Mercenary Gunner has graciously agreed to assist by leading the mission.
We, the monks, wish you all safe travels and thank you for your bravery, kindness and willingness to help us in this time of need.*
-returns to the Monks Sanctuary and remains silent until ordered to speak once more-

The brave citizens agree to undertake the mission and head off towards the north to Snakes Pass.
Upon reaching the pass, in one of the caverns, the bones of one Relic Thief was found.
And a ghostly voice was heard repeating these words:
-I was their patsy..I was their fool
they swore to share with me equally
if I'd agree to be their mule...
There is no honor amongst thieves
It's too late...for me..too late..
if only we three had been friends first...
where they're heading they meet thier fate
There is no honor amongst thieves
Now they seek a new place to rest
sink deeper down in a black hole
surely there they will find a protective nest
There is no honor amongst thieves
All they left behind is this piece of a map
and a sliver of the treasured relic
that the monks desperately want back
There is no honor amongst thieves

Looking around the area, one of the citizens found a book, half buried in the dirt. It seemed to be a journal of one of the bandits
-As I take my last breath, I write down the best I can my confession of stealing the relic from the Monks along with my two cohorts...those dirty scoundrels, double-crossers who stabbed me in the back...and left me here to die...alone.
The ghostly words they heard emanating from the ghostly apparition are also written in the journal....with the following note.
-I hope these words give you aid in finding them and returning the item to it's rightful owners-
As the group was gathered around reading the journal, they were attacked by vicious snakes and other vile creatures.

leaving the group to wonder just what the snakes have to do with the situation when the last words of the bandit seemed to hint at a Solen Hive location...
Mercenary Gunner decided to speak with General Dimacali as to what plan of action should be taken and will meet once again with the Citizens of Origin on September 25th, and should any of the citizens see or hear anything of the two missing bandits to report to Gunner immediately.