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General Recall Bug?


Stratics Veteran
Has anyone else noticed that it takes 72 mana to recall?

I've tested this:

Recall from Luna to Luna - No problem (this was done only a short distance)
Recall from Fel to Luna - Mana drops from 197 to 125
Recall from Trammel Docks to Trammel Brit Bank - Mana drops from 197 to 125

I have noticed that when recalling back to back, the value will always drop to 125. I currently have 197 mana. I'm thinking it's not that it actually costs 72 mana, as I'm testing it, I notice that it just goes to 125 and not below.

Anyone else able to reproduce this bug? So far I've only found it to work with recalls. No other spells I have tried seem to be an issue.


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
when you recall to a different sub-server area, it will unequip every items on you and auto reequip real quick, so changing all your stats that you have on your gear in a fraction of a second