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Re-Downloading GameData BUG

Claudel GFX

Stratics Veteran
there seems to be some serious bug both for client and browser, if by any chance you either close the browser/window by mistake while the game is currently downloading, or the unity crashes, you will have TO START OVER from 0, and for some people like me whom have bandwith limits via 3g networks and with plans like 3-5giga mothly, is a really big waste to re-download the game files over and over again, or after client patch, because for example the game files before last update were about 400+ now its 600mb... and increasing, thats why i suggest creating some checksum script or a check-list for filevers, that way the client should known which files are old and which ones are new and that way we will only download files only once, same goes with file patching, you wont waste bandwith for nothing.... for example after this last patch, i got unity crashing on Chrome 4 times... and 4 times i had to start over from 0 when downloading the client.... this aint something fun, nor cheap... cuz if ill have to re-do it 2-3 more times imma be left without and internet connection to play....at all

posting crash log below
PS: before the last patch i could play without any problems, both on browser and client without any errors whatsoever



Project: Gorgon Developer
Stratics Veteran
Hi, sounds like you're using the web player version, and there's not much I can do about that right now. Unity restricts the web player very harshly to avoid web exploits from malicious programs. So I can only store a very small amount of stuff on your hard drive -- about 100mb, if I recall correctly. Plus whatever is available in your browser's cache directory, which varies. The game is now MUCH bigger than that, though, so downloading happens a lot.

At this point the only workaround I know is to use the stand-alone version, which uses a more typical download scheme, using checksums to make sure the main files are all downloaded so you don't have to do it again.