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Ravenant Updates: Game Forevermore

Ron Bron

Former President
Stratics Veteran

Ravenant.com is a new social media experience focused on connecting Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) players and developers. Ravenant provides a platform for gamers to share insights and knowledge, and to organize and promote their gaming community.

The Need for a Better Social Framework

Every community (guild, corporation, or team) requires an outlet to share information and allow members within the community to interact. How individuals interact online has evolved and is trending toward social network pages hosted by Facebook, Twitter, and Google. The problem is that reaching your target audience using general social media outlets is often difficult and gamers do not always want their personal social media accounts associated with the games they play.

The Solution

Ravenant allows users to create social groups which borrow features from popular Social Networking sites and combines them with the best features of traditional Content Management Software (CMS) solutions such as Wordpress™ to result in an intuitive easy to use platform. Use your group as an alternative to a dedicated website or use it to promote your website to a larger community base. Do all of this for zero cost!

Group Features

· Group Wall: Post announcements, updates, questions, or status updates.

· Group Forum: Create and respond to threads by your group members.

· Group Event Calendar: Each group has an event calendar which can be used to organize raids, parties, competitions, or any group activity.

· Media Gallery: Each group has a dedicated media gallery that can be used to share screenshots and videos.

Bonus Site Features

· Guides: Gamers in your community have access to the Ravenant Strategy Guides, and can collaborate with Site members to build a knowledge base for their favorite title(s).

· Blogs: Start your own blog, follow your group members blog, or browse through blogs written by others who play the same games as you.

· Twitch Integration: Show off your groups Twitch stream by submitting your channel to Ravenant.

· Steam Integration: Encourage your group members to link their Steam account to Ravenant for easy login, and to notify each other when you are online and what you are playing.

· Resources: Upload game add-ons, tools, and other helpful resources for your community to download, or take advantage of the resources shared by other Site gamers.

Our Goal

Ravenant belongs to the same gaming network that brings you Stratics! We want to use that experience to benefit your community by providing an organizational alternate to costly website hosting, time consuming site management, and generic social media outlets. If you already went through the trouble of setting up your own Site, we want to help your Site succeed by providing you useful tools for promoting your Site, brand, and content.


Thank you for considering Ravenant as you build and grow your online presence. Our passion for and focus on gaming makes us a leading alternative framework for organizing your group, publicizing your content, or staying connected with other gamers. We would like to invite you to see what we have to offer for yourselves. Visit our site, create a social group, and experiment with the features available for free by visiting http://www.ravenant.com. Game Forevermore!


Ron Bron
Owner, Ravenant.com and Stratics.com
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Ron Bron

Former President
Stratics Veteran
Ravenant is also looking for volunteers! We need gamers that would be interested in representing and helping to build their game community and we need social media/network gurus (Faceboo, Twitter, Google). Contact me via PM if you have questions or are interested.