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Rarest Bright Green Hiryu!

So I came back about a year ago and the first thing I did was start a Treasure Hunter, in the process I spawn this bright bright neon green hiryu (in Enhanced Client) and since I did not yet have a tamer I called a new friend and guildie Centu to come tame it for me.... ive had it ever since.. come to find out it is the rarest spawning Green Hiryu.. looks like the numbers were just as rare to spawn as a blaze, anywho.. I want to sell it.... im new to posting on strats so I cannot yet show links or pics I guess but I can meet in game or via icq can msg... thought this post would get me started with strats, any idea what I can get for it? It can be transferred to either, ATL,Pacific, or Catskills

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Yep looks like the Neon Green Hiryu. I sold one and I still have one with overcaps, a keeper just my deco in my stable. Love it. Rare item spawn rate is low . Blaze Cu may be a bit more rare. GL and grats!


One of the last Rangers of Skara Brae
Been out of the taming sales for the last 6 months, but back around December, I sold one for 50mil on ATL. I had it for quite a while and it was hard to get rid of.

I guess it depends on how badly someone wants to collect them or just have them for show. I had mine for 3 months prior.

GL though! People do buy them and they may or may not be slow to sell.

Blessed be.