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Rares auction ends sunday 1/12 5pm pst/8est


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As always ten minute rule applies, reserve as noted, all items on ATL, Please contact me within 24 hours of auction ending to arrange pickup, via ICQ ONLY, no pm's i never read them. Bidding increments as follows: 5m for 1-100m items, 10m from 100-500m items and 25m for anything over 500m. ICQ is in banner, have a great weekend!

  • 1. A very Old And Well-Used Guillotine 500m mr uber
    2. Hot Cup of morning coffee from EM Mystique farewell napa valley (reserve 20m)
    3. Magical horn (reserve 15m)
    4. A shard of the gem of immortality 200m Revo
    5. Metal scrap from the destroyer (Reserve 100m)
    6. I was tortured playing mesanna roulette (reserve 100m)
    7. Mesanna’s Bones (reserve 100m)
    8. I got my bell rung by mesanna playing roulette (reserve 100m)
    9. Messana mask blue (reserve 50m)
    10. Mesanna mask white (reserve 50m)
    11. Mesanna mask pink (reserve 50m)
    12. Mesanna’s lantern of light 50m polaris
    13. Neon Gift box (reserve 50m)
    14. Ice orfluer flowers 200m Khaelor
    15. Daemonic Crisis Vanquisher (reserve 200m)
    16. Pure fire fish Balhae (reserve 100m)
    17. Your Soul (reserve 150m)
    18. Amazing Magical Rooster Zodiac Statue 350m mr uber
    19. Christmas Plum Pudding 25m Khaelor
    20. Mesanna’s Death Rose 100m mr uber
    21. Thuban Of the shooting star which fell from Draco 270m Khaelor
    22. Bamboo Grass for the star festival 2014 (blue) (reserve 50m)
    23. Bamboo Grass for the star festival 2014 (Pink) (reserve 50m)
    24. Net used for Recruiting 310m Khaelor
    25. Lump of Big, bitter chocolate (reserve 250m)
    26. Katana for boys day 2014 (reserve 15m)
    27. Hina-doll fireplace for girls’ day 2014 (reserve 15m)
    28. Hokuto 15th anniversary bell 25m Peil
    29. Rotgut wine 50m Archnight
    30. A large holiday festival cookie 25m Khaelor
    31. I got killed by mesanna but all I got was this cake 75m Meadhbh
    32. Mandrake Root (reserve 500m)
    33. Rubble tent 25m Archnight
    34. Rubble tall palm tree 50m jack flash
    35. Black neon gift box (reserve 100m)
    36. Gold neon gift box (reserve 100m)
    37. Guild Name: In Loving Memory Of Lord Blackthron [GOD] (Reserve 150m)
    38. Library of an Ancient Necromancer 310m tamagoya
    39. Em takakos Blaze lantern 200m Meadhbh
    40. Non replica magical door 110m archnight
    41. Cursed hina doll (odairi-sama) (reserve 250m)
    42. Servant of tal keesh (reserve 50m)
    43. Gong Xi Fa Cai Snake (reserve 100m)
  • 44. Meer Mage (reserve 25m)
  • 45. Chinese prosperity horse 390m mr green

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28. Hokuto 15th anniversary bell (reserve 25m)
Reserved 25m


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sorry peeps missed the chinese prosperity horse. added it to the end for those who wanted to bid. :)