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Rare collectors festival Izumo 2014 December 6th -13th


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We will be held in Izumo Shard
as a community event of the 20th of Rare Collectors forum

We are currently adjusting the date of the festival in December 6th -13th

-Location -
Izumo shard
I announce the location when we finished the placement of the plot
Connection of teleporter to Luna house for easy access
also I would ask the gate to Dark Lady
Luna gate.jpg

- Silent Auction House-
shushu (Owner of the Silent auction house) ICQ #574503115
we will put a seperate post on the silent auction rules and dates
*Two Silent Auction will end at diffrent times.
1)East Wing(1st) Auction house itself will end on 10:00AM EST on Saturday the 13th December.
2)West Wing(2nd) Auction house itself will end on 10:00PM EST on Saturday the 13th December.
shushu (Owner of the Silent auction house) ICQ #574503115
Silent Auction Rules

Against bidder too high
We will share information with the auction host of past
also too high bidder
request a guarantee person to any Collector

-Rare item Vendor House-
(Two Vendor House Vendors 100+)
Vendor Reservations will begin The first week of October
Rares Collector Forum Reservations Only

If someone has a recommendation to allow booking. I would be flexible Consider
Artifacts and replicas, I hate to see
If your vendor have a commodity sold by a vendor that does not belong in this forum.
may be hidden your vendor to black goza

-Non genre vendor House-
50+Vendors Accept all genre
We are waiting for fashionable vendor
2 themeNinja,Paladin

-Trader House- 
brianfreud2 (Owner of the Trader House) ICQ #23573865

The Traders' House auction will end at 11 pm EST on Friday the 12th of December.

Trader House auction rules
Trader House Festival contest

As a parody of silent auction house
It's going to correspond to all genres, including rare
Pets,PvP goods,nice jewelry,joke items or something

-Mini Event-
Bag pack Art Contest
2 theme
Sheep 2015 Zodiac

Vendor PD contest
2 theme

Flower arrangement contest
2 Theme
Flowers and animals
Flowers and winter

we have fun around the down time
I will post update more Detail
Prizes may be subject to change. Please note.

In order to prevent fraud festival
Double checking Recommend with PM and ICQ for Safety

Please make sure
We will published brokers ICQ Number
If you want to make a deal without going through the auction house
example, pet trade ,Swap gold, items to another shard, etc...
We have listed the name of the some safety brokers
should not give your ITEM, Even if any person claiming the broker Service in the game your Around.
Please double or triple check PM and ICQ

Thanks to a wonderful volunteer

-Broker Services-
Pets, swap gold,etc
Manticore ICQ #123172317
Decadence ICQ #111891022
Shushu ICQ # 574503115
brianfreud2 ICQ #23573865

-Transfer service -
Free rides for you to come here
Scribbles ICQ #609670565
Kahlan ICQ #244373602

I will post more info. Coming Soon
Feel free to question etc.
blend - ICQ # 491537457

We hope to be accepted this proposal.
Thank you for reading
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