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RAoV - http://raov.org

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Foreword: We especially welcome UO vets.

Random Acts of Violence is, in essence, a handful of gamers that have a storied history of gaming with one another. Even though a few of us were together in UO dating back to 1998, it wasn’t until games like Shadowbane, DAoC, and EQ2 that we were fortunate enough to find ‘our missing pieces’ that would eventually become the foundation of RAoV.

Recently, we’ve played EQ2, AoC, and WAR under the RAoV tags, but were stifled by the linear design and pvp systems of those games. Being that we’re mostly ex UO, AC, and SB players, we’re thrilled to be currently playing in a sandbox-type environment. Yes, we’re playing Darkfall.

By design, RAoV is a PK guild. We’re looking for competent, motivated, PK-types to wear our tags.

We have a handful of folks that are able to dedicate the time and effort necessary to keep the machine running, focused, and headed in the right direction. In the future, we may need a few more officer/leader types. There’s always room at the top for gamers that have leadership qualities.

Members must be competent, active gamers. Although it would be nice if everyone were a killing machine, PvP prowess is not as critical as overall contribution. RAoV will always need crafters, recruiters, builders, gatherers, etc. If you’re good at something and it isn’t PvP or PKing, but it will benefit RAoV, you’re a valuable commodity. Male or female, it doesn’t matter as long as you contribute something to the guild.

As far as leaders/officers go, their job is to keep people focused, aid in promoting RAoV, and working with one another to keep the guild pointed in the right direction. Anyone that has future aspirations to hold a leadership position in RAoV should be prepared to lead by example, be motivated, be active on the necessary gaming forums, and do whatever it takes to make RAoV thrive.

Here’s the quicklist of rules:

1. RAoV comes first. RAoV is nothing without 100% dedication from it’s members. There’s no room here for selfish players.
2. We’re a PK guild, first and foremost. If you aren’t a PK at heart, you aren’t going to make it in RAoV.
3. Everyone is required to be registered on our forums @ http://pixelcrack.net
4. Everyone is required to use ventrilo when in game. No exceptions. There’s nothing more annoying than constantly having to ask people to log into ventrilo.
5. Everyone is required to be 18 years of age or older IRL. If you can vote, you can run with us.
6. Keep your personal drama at home.
7. Put up a united front. Have your guildies’ backs.
8. Don’t cry, pancake, moan, or complain about getting rolled in PvP. Toughen up.
9. Don’t engage in public displays of retardedness…unless, of course, it’s funny.
10. Don’t engage in /tell wars or forum wars…unless, of course, it’s funny.
11. Understand your role in RAoV.


RAoV Leader/Officer - Guide RAoV. Keep people focused. Promote RAoV. Set the example that RAoV members and recruits should follow regarding PKing, PvP, loyalty, direction, etc.

RAoV Blood - Considered a permanent member of RAoV due to their loyalty, skill, and motivation. Officers must be RAoV Blood.

RAoV Member - Member that has passed the recruitment phase and is/are considered 100% RAoV.

RAoV Recruit - New member that has 30 days to make the cut in RAoV.

Promotions in RAoV are decided by the leader, officers, and RAoV Blood. There is no formula…you either fit in or you don’t.

In a nutshell, we demand productive members that have a guild-before-self attitude. At the moment, we’re in a ‘let’s give people a chance to roll with us in Darkfall’ phase, so this is an opportunity for people to climb aboard and test the waters.

If you are interested, PM Anathesius on the http://pixelcrack.net forums.

Be prepared to get in ventrilo for a short discussion if you’re selected for recruit status.

The End...


The 4 Step Program:

1. Read this - http://raov.org/about-us

2. Register here - http://pixelcrack.net

3. Post here - http://pixelcrack.net/index.php?topic=243.0

4. Hop in ventrilo and shoot the poop with us.

And then?

No 'and then'!