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RAoV - Destro - Praag Server



RAoV, Random Acts of Violence, was formed in July of 2008. The roots of our core members extend to nearly every MMO that has been released in the last decade as well as a number of FPS titles. Former guilds that have 'fed' RAoV are: Someone Gonna Die, Freedom's Stain, Omgpwned, The Almighty, The Usual Suspects, Five Core Evolution, and Woopatang.

We're a pack of pvp oriented gamers...most of us prefer the PK side of MMOs. We're mature, as far as gamers go, and tend to use adult humor. The average age of RAoV's core is 30ish, with members ranging from 18-45. We don't allow people to wear our tags that under the age of 18.

Currently, we're playing Warhammer Online on the Monolith and Praag servers (As of right now, it looks like Praag destruction will be our permanent home). We will, without a doubt, be playing Darkfall Online when it's released. Our membership fluctuates between 20 and 40 members and will most likely remain that way.

We don't do applications. The best way to get to know us is to post on our forums ( http://pixelcrack.net ), talk to us in game, hop in our ventrilo, or game with us.

Our guild structure is simple...we have one leader and three ranks. The ranks are RAoV Proper, RAoV Member, and RAoV Recruit. The breakdown goes something like this:

RAoV Proper: Long term, veteran member that has full access to all in game functions.

RAoV Member: Member that has proven themselves to be a possible 'permanent' RAoVer.

RAoV Recruit: New member that is currently in 'trial membership' status.

There are no powertrips here. Everyone is expected to contribute equally.

In summary, RAoV is very similar to most gaming groups out there. The defining factor for joining any guild should be chemistry. Do you see yourself with RAoV tags? After browsing our forums or meeting us in game, are we the type of gamers you're looking to play with? Is RAoV a group that you want to contribute your time and effort towards?

Simply, if you think you're a fit, then you should give RAoV a try. The worst that can happen is we don't mesh and you move on. Best case scenerio is you've just found a gaming home for years to come.

Here's a few helpful links you should check out:

Charter: http://pixelcrack.net/index.php?topic=121.0
So you wanna be RAoV?: http://pixelcrack.net/index.php?topic=193.0