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Rains of Mantis

Palm Copenhagen

Ultima Online Community,

I have created for your enjoyment a small movie-short (Rains of Mantis), with the help of my friends, that relate to the social concerns of the most recent event, particularly regarding that of collecting eggs. As most of you know, over a short period of time, finding eggs became rather difficult and as part, this story belongs to all of us, as we all share together across every-server, the same issues. In this we are the same.

The PAWS Soulforge on the Pacific Server is the keeper of memories of long-ago player run city, the City of Paws, named after a fishing village before Trinsic was even established. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this game I have been developing a book series entitled: “Sandals of Time”.

Over the course of this year, I have released 2 of the 5-book series on the Pacific server forums and once all 5 of the book series are finished, I will release the entire work for those here that enjoy lore, reading and the like, officially on your server.

I plan to produce further movie shorts, as time goes on, as this is the first one that I have attempted. I hope you find some semblance of joy watching (Rains of Mantis), as I have enjoyed making it for you.

The general themes of The PAWS Soulfroge are always the following:

  • To remember is to find your way
  • This is the story of your realm and everyone has a part to play.

Best regards and fare thee well,

-Palm Copenhagen

The PAWS Soulforge, Pacific Server