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R3 Auction Tomorrow 1/9/2013 - 8pm pac time

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R3 will be hosting an auction on wed night at 8pm pacific time. There will be 20-25 items of various rarity and goodness. Door prizes, given after answering trivia, will also be provided.

Auction list includes but not limited to:
5 Bolts of ZOG Cloth 2.5mil min
Robe Set 0.5mil min
Most Knowledgeable 0.5mil min
120 Anatomy 3mil min
20 Stat Scroll 0.75mil min
Scroll of Valiant Comm. 8mil min
15 Piece Deco Box 0.1mil min
8 Misc Arties 1mil min
Bloodwood Soulforge 0.1mil min
Executioner's Axe 1mil min
Etheral Horse 2mil min
Eater Egg 2009 [Legends] 3mil min
Chocolate Cake 0.1mil min
EM Miko and EM Mayu 5mil min
Halloween Mask Set 0.25mil min
6 piece suit+talisman 12mana 5dci 10mr 40lmc 100lrc 85/70/70/70/71 suit 15m min (no jewelry, wep, shield, sash, robe, cloak, boots)

As always it is a pleasure to see you all. Hope to see you there!
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