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(Player News) /R/ The Resurrection


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Years ago when PvP was live and well on this shard we as in /R/ were here playing on Sonoma And had alot of fun.

Players such as...

Wario aka Superman
Bender aka Apollynon
Sue aka Pamela Anderson
Hack aka Project English
Midnight Shadow
King Kyrite aka Leathernott
myself as SixUnder and Donkey Kong
and quite a few others who i am forgetting to mention..

But Our Gm at the time was in Iraq for years in the service, left not longer after forming the guild. He use to communicate with us through our forums pretty much weekly.

Anyhow when we as in /R/ kind of went 2 ways at a point in time one went to pacific and the rest kinda became lost. During his absence SR ran our guild in fights etc. and has informed me of a trajedy that happened i did not know about.

Sr/Roger is from Asia and went back home when the guild dissolved for school reasons with his visa etc. So we dont get to talk very much but i wanted to let people who may come on here from time to time see that on Dec. 15 2008 "Whispers" aka David Karundeng was killed in a Drunk Driving Accident after leaving the casinos in Atlantic City.

The driver (Not Whispers) fell asleep at the wheel and there was 3 people in the car at 430 am he passed out went off expressway and hit a tree. Whispers was killed but the other 2 survived. The guy who was driving was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

here is a link to the article, i finally found it.

Anyways, i am a murderer in this game, but outside of it im just like anyone else. I'd like to think all pks who knew or played with him thought he was one of the best. A great guy and even better friend! Please dont drink and drive, its not worth it.... call a friend, someone anybody. Just dont do it.

So long live Whispers! RIP brother!