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Atlantic R.I.P Whitefire (HHYC)

Captn Norrington

Stratics Forum Moderator
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Campaign Supporter
Whitefire of Atlantic, passed away Monday, July 14th 2014. He brought joy to the lives of so many throughout the years. His passion was helping new and returning players enjoy UO, assisting them any way he could. He created the guild Helping Hands Young Club (HHYC) many years ago, so new players could join, make great friends and have fun enjoying everything UO has to offer.

Whitefire has always been a very active member of the Atlantic community, He has been a part of UO since the very beginning, participating in many of the volunteer positions offerred, He was a Seer, Counselor, Companion, and GM.

Whitefire was truly one of a kind.

Rest In Peace Whitefire, you will be in our hearts and minds forever.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Many Many years ago, Whitefire played on Pacific as Michael Pastcure. The PPYC pacific players young club was his baby, the precursor to his multishard HHYC.
I got to know him better during Mondains legacy Beta Testing. After it went live, we hit the lurg and Grobu cave with many others. The first arties he got, he dropped in haven, and Occlo. He said even red players need a hand sometimes. I learned a lot about UO and people from running around with him and Buster/grandpa Soulbane.
Every time i think i want to come back, i read about another legend passing away. Maybe if i quit thinking about it, they'll live forever in my memory. Rest well Michael. You earned peace my friend.