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Questions About Mob Respawns and Loot Drops


Stratics Veteran
I realize you may not want to answer, but I'm still going to ask. ;)

The first two questions are about mob respawns:

1. It seems that once killed, mobs in a given instance respawn in a random location, which can include respawning anywhere along the path trajectory of any other mob. This can make it frustrating to predictably clear. For example, I can pull several pathers from their paths and kill them (not burying their corpses) only to have multiple mobs respawn somewhere along that path. I've noticed this in every dungeon. I'm wondering if this is a placeholder mechanic or not, and what the justification for this might be.

2. I've noticed that corpse decay and respawn timers also vary, and wonder if this is a placeholder mechanic or intentional. For example, I can kill two wolves in wolf cave, and the one I killed second will sometimes decay first.

Re: Loot Drops:

3. I can't speak about this as much conviction, as whenever I think I've looted sufficient items to confirm an hypothesis, I get a run of items that don't make sense. Here's the question: Do the modifiers in the name of a piece of loot have any connection to the mobs that drop them, or is the loot table truly global? For example, if I want to farm a 'Belated ' item, is there a specific type of mob that will drop it, or is it entirely random?

Thanks in advance,



Stratics Veteran
I've noticed the same. Mobs respawn anywhere along a path. This can make for some unusual mob groupings, and make it difficult to plan where to hunt. For instance, I've seen 5 goblins in the 1st goblin room, due to this respawn property and the paths. I appreciate the randomness this technique provides (non-static spawn locations), but the longish paths are problematic. Maybe a 'spawn area' and a patrol path, with the spawn area being no larger than 1/4 the length of the patrol path.