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Question on facebook



Hi everyone!
A friend of mine asked me to create him an extra Facebook account, because he can't do it (he's not keen on informatics). So I said “what's the problem”: a new email account and then some fictitious data and the work is done... but it wasn't so easy. I created one, but then at the second one appears a notice which asks me to confirm the account with an sms. Could it be maybe the IP number? New email, different IP, even deleting the cookies, changing browser that's what it comes out. I've tried to reboot the computer, but I'm pretty sure that the problem would remain even changing computer, it'd bypass it at at first, but I believe the problem would arise again.
At this point it's becoming a personal challenge, I'm trying to understand how can Facebook understand that it's always me creating a new account rather than someone who's activating his/her first account.
Do you have any ideas on Facebook adopting a standard that asks the phone number? How can someone then activate an account from an internet point? Do they have to put their phone number?
Thank you


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Not sure what this has to do with Star Wars The Old Republic lol.

This forum is pretty quiet at the moment, so you're better off finding a site that helps with Facebook issues :)


I believe thats a thing with the new facebook accounts. They're trying to crack down on spam and want people to stick to the one personal account per person rule.