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[PvX] [DRAGONBRAND] Vanguard - Seeking Team-Oriented Players!


Stratics Veteran
Vanguard [VG] is currently seeking players to join our cause! Vanguard is a group of quality, like-minded individuals working together to have the best experience possible in the world of Tyria! We do fungeon-running, world vs. world, and everything in between. We are looking for team-players who are fairly laidback, but also play to win. I like to define our guild as ‘casually hardcore’.
Here are some more facts about our guild:
-We are on the Dragonbrand [US] server.
-We originally formed up a few months before launch. Many of us are long-time MMO veterans and are working on mastering the knowledge of Guild Wars 2.
-Most of us are US East timezone, but we also have European members in our guild.
-We have no formal level requirement. Many of us are level 80, but we have alts, and have no problem fostering new players in the game.
-We have a master crafter of every profession.
-We strive for quality over quantity. Each new member is reviewed the first two weeks of membership to ensure a good fit.
-Our members have a good balance of PvE and WvW. Whatever you’re looking for, we do it all.
-We have nearly every guild upgrade unlocked. Weekends chalked full of bonuses are always a plus!
-We use a Teamspeak 3 for communication and coordination.
-36 members with an average of 21 logging in daily at the time of this post.
If you think you might be interested in Vanguard, check our website for more information! More info can be found at http://vg-guild.org/info
If you have any additional questions, contact Rixen or Lioth Meliarion in-game! Additionally, you can e-mail [email protected] or register on our website.


Rixen Aranos
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Stratics Veteran
Hope everyone had an awesome holiday and are enjoying the game! We are once again recruiting so check us out if you're looking for a guild!