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PvP on Baja, growing day by day...RECRUITING!


Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
Hey all,

PvP on Baja has seemed to kicked off a bit, with some decent daily yew gate activity and plenty of VvV.
Right now its a 3 way battle between TBA/SI vs $C$ vs SiT!
If you play nights and are located in the mid-west or west, you should ping great and have fun PvPing.
Our guild SiT! is always looking to pick up more members. We use Map and Ventrilo.

ICQ 680403733
To talk joining our guild, or just PvPing on Baja in general.
Friend or Foe.

Over the last week we have had 8v8v8 fights in towns, yew gate, and despise.
Sometimes it ends up as 6v6s, but the 3 guilds are growing pretty quick.
Pick a side!
The more the merrier.