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[Drachenfels] Pure White Cu Sidhe


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I'm selling a Pure White Cu Sidhe, freshly tamed with the following stats.

Hit Points: 558
Str/Dex/Int: 601 / 78 / 288
Resists: 54 / 27 / 85 / 37 / 82

Wrestling: 68.5
Tactics: 69
Resist: 59.6
Anatomy: 49.2
Healing: 71.9

Pet Values (% of max):
Stats: 98% / 92% / 99%
Hit Points: 87%
Resists: 83% / 60% / 100% / 74% / 96%

It's not a top pet as it only rates 2.3 on pet calc.
But the strongest resists (energy/cold) are very high so choosing carefully your oponents you can hunt with this pet.
And of course it's a rare color so the price should reflect this.

PM me your offers here on stratics.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sold another pure white (a little bit better but not by much) 500k gp on my pet shop in new magiciana.

If you're interested in a decent colored Cu I still have some to sell.
The price depends on the color rarity and stats/resists of the pet.
On non rare colors you'll only find pets rating 3 or above on pet calc. Rare pets can have lesser ratings but value will reflect this.

non rare colors are sold at 25k.
semi rare colors 100k (there is a pink one at the moment)
rare colors (pure white, black and red) for 500k or above

The name of my Shop is Ehlana's colored Cus.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sold a Jet black one recently and now the pure white on the top post is for sell on my stall for 450k if someone is interested.
I also still have the pink (not agapite, the real pink color) and added an ice blue to he semi rare colors.
Most of the "common" colors are for sale.