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[Feedback] Publish 81 update part 2


Stratics Veteran
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Melee fighting:

Everything was unnerfed (is that word?) and actually the sampires were buffed a little because of woodland stamina buff.

special moves (pve only)

Double strike, armor pierce, force of nature still doesn't have a place. The damage from armor ignore far exceeds any damage or buff/debuff the other moves do. In a large group environment with different people focus on different moves boss encounters would be easier. The problem with this is the amount of resources/gold/skill points to assign different moves would be great, and for those who didnt do armor ignore you would be lacking or useless soloing if your party(group members) weren't around. However I do believe the dev are going in the right direction. I would suggest looking at armor ignore damage and try and come up with special moves to have similar advantages.

Armor revamp:

Stamina loss:

Until you make blacksmith, dragon, bone, stone useful no one will use anything but woodland. The stamina loss doesn't appeal to any of us. With my testing losing the extra stats from woodland is far far greater then the stamina buff.

Armor inherent LMC:

This unless its a bug is just plain dumb. To fight you must have 40 Lmc. To get to 40 you must have lmc imbued on the armor. "The armor pieces which provide the most lower mana cost will take priority" It would seem unless its a bug that when i had 8lmc on my stud armor, that piece gave me 8 and not 11.

So my point is, its almost impossible to make a build to get to 40 without imbuing 8lmc on your armor. this in turn makes this inherent lmc worthless. Im hoping this is an over site and you meant stacks with current lmc.

Armor refinement:

Raise resist or dci while lowering the other. non med armor only. Great concept but same problem as the examples above.

stud armor increase resist by 12 and ingots/granite is 13. woodland give 16 plus hit chance increase, dmg increase or etc.

So to help make room for the extra resist cap or especially dci you must use woodland. There is still no reason to use any other piece of non med armor. The armor refinement is a reinforce nail to never use anything other then woodland because its impossible to make room for the 95 dci without the extra bonus from woodland while keeping max hci etc.

The goal the devs said is to expand our options in playing. This patch is reinforcing playing one way with a sprinkle of making bows better.
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Seasoned Veteran
Stratics Veteran
unless well what if since you can get hit chance increase and defense chance increase... what if they made it so you could get hit lower attack or hit lower defense on the other armor to encourage people to use it as well? (just an idea)


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
"Imbuing base intensity caps have been increased up to 550 for two handed melee weapon and up to 500 for bows and crossbows."

A suggestion to help plate, bone, dragon, stud, etc. Why not increase the intensity caps for theses and remove the stamina loss reduction.