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Publish 71 Content Contest FAQ

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Publish 71 Content Contest FAQ​

How long is this contest and when do I find out I’ve won?
The Content Contest will start today, August 2nd 2011. The deadline for entries is August 15th 2011. The winners will be posted and announced before August 31st 2011.

Okay, but why video?
This contest is for those interested in making video related content of Ultima Online. There will be more contests in the future relating to other areas of interests while gaming.

How will this work and what are the rules?

To submit your video please use this contest forum and upload your video. You must be registered to submit and view these forums. Include your email address to be recorded internally and edited out by administration before the video is made public.

A break down of the contest rules in more detail:
The Contest Forums are set as moderated first. Once a video is submitted, it will be reviewed according to guidelines before making it available for registered users to view. The Contest forums are read only. Please feel free to discuss and applaud their efforts on other UO Stratics forums.
All contributors whose submissions are accepted will receive a Content Contributor title with their username. The top 3 contributors will receive promotional prizes and announced on UO Stratics Front Page.


Must be tutorial style video
What this means: Please gear your video towards teaching others what you have learned and enjoy about Publish 71 for Ultima Online. It does not have to have voice overlay if there are text instructions included in the video.

Must be at least 5 minutes in length
What this means: While this is not a hard fast rule if it falls slightly below 5 minutes, we want to make sure the viewers have a good general sense of the content you are submitting.

Must abide by YouTube and Stratics Rules of Conduct
What this means: Appropriate language and themes is essential. Please review the Terms of Service for Youtube.

Must be on Publish 71 focused content
What this means: Anything included in your gameplay that has been touched on in publish 71. You can review the publish 71 details at uo.com. This leaves your interests wide open to explore what you enjoy. For example: PvP changes, Charybdis, fishing additions or Magincia Bazaar to name a few.

I’ve never done a video in game before but it sounds interesting! Any suggestions on how to get started?
Stratics is a division of TGN (The Game Net). TGN focuses on videos for all gaming titles. They have some great tutorials and ideas that range from beginner to advanced. You will find a breakdown of video related content here:
TGN Create Videos Tutorial and
TGN Video Tutorial

Okay you lost me at FRAPS, can I do screenshots and make a slide presentation video instead?

Yes, provided you have either voice or text overlays as well to keep it fun and tutorial.

Can you give me some examples of Ultima Online videos?
Absolutely! We have some very talented staff members who have contributed their own content in the past.
Feel free to check out:
Making UO Fun! Siege Perilous Champ Spawn Crawl: Crystal Canyon

Ultima Online - First Annual Atlantic Festival of Britain, Sosaria Reels - TGN.TV

I won!! Right? What can I win when I win?
With thanks to the Ultima Online Mythic Team we have the following prizes available:

1st Prize 30 days of game time.
2nd Prize Grand Bazaar Package
3rd Prize High Seas Booster

If you have additional questions not answered here, please email me: [email protected]. Relevant questions will be updated in this FAQ.
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