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[Suggestion] Publish 70 event/quest reward proposal


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Spoiler for those who haven't seen the rewards yet.

Currently the rewards are a shield and a fey slayer weapon; the latter is Throwing for gargoyles, Archery for others.

But there's already a Fey slayer bow which is in wide use.

What there is not, however, is a Fey slayer Fencing weapon or Fey slayer dedicated Macing weapon. Rather there is the Pixie Swatter, which is Macing but is UBWS and is kind of an "in lieu of anything else" kinda weapon. And of course Swordsmen have the Deflier of Virtue.

Why not a Macing or Fencing weapon with identical properties to the current Archery weapon?

Going further out onto the limb....You could also have it be a random, rotating super slayer, and either maintain the Archery weapon or use Fencing or Macing, or at that point even Swords! Or, for that matter, randomly generate a weapon with any of the human/elf weapon types and any of the super slayers, including but not limited to Fey.

Thus keeping the Fey slayer weapon semi-rare and valuable and also providing other slayers.

This system would appear superficially similar to that which exists for the Vesper museum rewards, which generate a random super slayer on an the Swordsmanship Geoffrey's Axe and the Fencing/UBWS kryss.

The Throwing weapon reward could also rotate super slayers, including Fey, but not limited to Fey.

Just a thought. Or, I guess, several in one.

-Galen's player


UOEC Modder
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I have to say that this is the first decent fey slayer they made :)
The throwing weapon is a good idea, but I think it should drop a random weapon (with those properties), so will have sense to redo the quest again and again to get your preferred weapon :p


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
The quest has two rewards, the bow (or the cyclone, depending on which quest you're doing) is one of them and the bronze shield (or the gargish wooden shield) is the other. (More info on: http://vboards.stratics.com/uo-test-center/237654-pub-70-styg-abyss-quest-mobs.html)

I think making the reward a random slayer/random weapon with the same properties is a great idea. Since there are two quests, you can complete one two get the gargish random slayer/random weapon and other for a regular weapon. The shields already have random resistance and resonance properties.

If you havent completed it yet, while it is not a very difficult quest even if you're doing it alone, it takes time to complete. The quests can be repeated several times at the moment. So, you can at least complete the quest as much as you like to get the weapon or slayer you need.

The problem with some of the artifacts -which can be obtained several times and rather easily- is their value decrease substantially after they're introduced. A good example is the Runed Driftwood Bow. They sell as low as 5k now, even cursed Dryad Bows sell several times more than this bow. Making the reward a random weapon and a random slayer will increase its value and players at least doesnt complete the quest only once to get the same reward everyone else has already recieved.

I think about a week left before the publish is released to the shards, but it would be great if you (Devs) consider Galen's suggestion.


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I like the Fey slayer for my Thrower. Anyone can imbue any other super slayer, but Fey Slayer is an unique mod that cannot be Imbued. There are no Fey slayer weapons available to Gargoyles, whereas Human/elven warriors all have Fey weapons already - or UBWS ones.

Please stay with your original plan, Devs. Who cares about the monetary value, I would use the item as a Fey slayer and not try to make a fortune selling them. The last thing we need is more farmers ...