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Public Champ Spawn/Peerless : Hosted by City of Moonglow


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On Sunday, Feb. 2nd, the City of Moonglow will be hosting a night of Champion Spawns and Peerless hunts to bring in funds for the Royal Zoo.

Starting at 7 PM Est, and running till 10 PM Est (Or later, if interest remains), those in attendance will be led to try and defeat as many as possible. As of now, the Champion Spawn portions will remain to the ones under the Trammel ruleset. If a protector group is located, Fel Spawns will be considered.

Attendance will, of course, be free. However, donations to the Zoo would be greatly appreciated. All gold looted from the event would ideally be donated as well.

Artifacts and scrolls that drop for the individual are yours to keep. Or they can be donated to the City for use in an upcoming auction, once again benefiting the Zoo.

The list of ideal targets is as follows.
1. Lady Mel
2. Medusa
3. Stygian Dragon
4. Humility Spawn in Ilshenar (If protectors are found, Despise in Fel)
5. Valor Spawn in Ilshenar (If protectors are found, Primeval Lich Spawn in Fel)
6. Minotaur Spawn in Malas

Questions, concerns and the like can be left in this thread.

We will be meeting at the Moonglow Bank prior to leaving.

Sincerely yours,

Va'lis Razele
Governor of Moonglow
ICQ 380535655
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Great DC

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I would come protect a fel spawn but the super bowl is on then, which means you could probably run fel spawns then cause noone will be on. At least pvper wise will al be watching the game. hehe


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My brother in law is throwing a big party for the SuperBowl. We HAVE TO go! :(