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[PS2 Stratics] Beta NDA being lifted, PlanetSisde 2 Subscription, Poll results + More

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Stratics Veteran
Well after a few quiet days on the Twitter front, we are starting to get some trickles of new information from the one and only John Smedley, and what is he saying?
On the NDA:
“awesome patch coming late tonight / early tmw including territory adjacency and a cool youtube uploader. NDA will be lifted fairly soon” – Note, keyword is soon. The NDA is still in play, and as much as we here at Planetside 2 Stratics would love to share any information we do or do not have, or that our members do or do not have, we can not….yet.
On the PS2 subscription:
After being asked “Will the PS2 sub be included in the SOE Station Pass?” John Smedley replied “absolutely.”
On system performance:
“we aren’t remotely done optimizing. also this patch has a lot more cool stuff in it. patch notes later today”
“actually we have an entire team working on optimization. It’s not playing it by ear at all. We’ve made huge progress”
Question: Is there a way to have it so you can invert controls while flying but not for gunners in an aircraft?
Answer: that’s on the list of stuff to fix but not near the top.
Q: Hey Ive been testing and its a great game, what do you guys think of Blizzards new MMO FPS Code named TITAN? your in the biz lmk?
A: I know what you know. Blizzard makes great games so anything they make I will try out.
And last but not least, the Poll results!
What faction are you?
  • Vanu Sovereignty (35%, 23 Votes)
  • Terran Republic (35%, 23 Votes)
  • New Conglomerate (21%, 14 Votes)
  • Soldier For Hire (9%, 6 Votes)
Total Voters: 66
As you can see, they speak for themselves! The Underdogs known as the New Conglomerate are going to have the fight of their life a few short months.

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