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Provoke Skill UP, Macro, Wait for Target?


Stratics Veteran

I'm making a macro for provocation using the masteries.

I've used macros before for skilling up with magery and even self targeted peace.

But using the masteries, I'm at a loss within the macro as to how to:

1. Actually get the cursor to target me

2. How to specify a delay using the Wait for target.

I've started the macro with: Cursor Target Self, Wait for target, Play Tribulation.

Even with the above commands, I'm still prompted to select a target, so I'm not finding Cursor Target Self to be effective. As the macro plays, I'm prompted to once again select a target to stop playing Tribulation.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I used uoa, cast spell target self wait 1000 cast spell repeat however fast the spell wears off in. Using in game macros you should be able to just cast spell, wait for targ and target self might need a delay in there