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[Provocation] provo chances


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
So I never really played a bard, long story short I have a 120 provo 120 music 120 discord mage and while out and about trying the character out I noticed that I fail way way more then I ever expected. Is this because I do not have 120 peacemaking for that hidden % bonus? I was using a reptile slayer instrument vs a greater dragon, at 120/120 provo I expected more then 1 out of 15 attempts to work. I'm going to go try a dragon slayer, but really I'm pretty disappointed.

I understand barding difficulty in terms of what the number means and does. I do not understand how the music/provo/discord all works and adds up vs that barding difficulty. I looked at poos faq and according to my numbers I should be close to 25% without adding in slayer or the bonus off disco.. if there is such a bonus.. I always was under the impression there was. 120 provo +120 music gives me 140 for terms of barding diff. Add in the % off slayer then I'm at least 150 if not 160 (going to say 10% for the reptile, hoping 20% for dragon).. add in disco and i'm above.. right?

So why do I fail way more then 25%?

I'm assuming greaters are 160 barding as it said nothing goes above and I am not a tamer so verifying is tough. But let's assume it's higher, more like 180 as that would make more sense to the numbers I'm seeing..

How do I get higher chances vs a 180 barding diff monster, IF max I can see happening is 160.. that gives 50% chance at 120/120? Seems pretty weak for the amount of time put into getting to 120...considering a ninja has a 85% chance to cast their hardest spell at 120, and a mage is 100% at 120 for highest level spells..

I should also mention that while every other skill has a mastery now, the bard mastery seems to be the same as it was.. the boost that was supposed to make bards viable again in many ways.. I guess they were forgotten again?

short end of the stick is what im seeing! but any tips would be great, I am thinking the 120 peacing would help boost that barding diff % so I could get higher % of success. Otherwise I'm not sure what to do.


Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
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I had 120 Provo and 120 Music. I used love my treasure-hunting bard, but when changed to difficulty-based barding years ago, the joy I had dancing with beasts changed.

Then greater dragons appeared, and I couldn't provoke them. The Level 6 treasure chests, and I could neither provoke the ancient wyrms, nor did I have enough mana to finish them off with magery due to the points invested in music, Provo, lockpicking, cartography. I left UO for years.

I've retooled, stoning off Provo and picking up Spellweaving and Mysticism. I'm having fun again, but I sure do miss the dance.


Stratics Veteran
The extra skills won't increase your success chance, they only boost Spellsong effects, the best chance you have is 120 Music & Prov, Reptile/Dragon Slayer (no bonus for using Dragon over Reptile), and having the Provoke Mastery active (doesn't matter if you're using the Spellsongs or not).

In theory casting Curse should lower the difficulty but I doubt it does. Discording the target should as well but I don't know if it does or not. The best way to find out would be to hop on Test Center where you can put on 110 Lore and Lore anything non human.