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Producer Note August 2010


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Here are some of the discussion points from the Galactic Gathering panel. Please post your comments and questions in the discussion thread. We’ve got some really cool stuff planned for SWG and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Star Wars Galaxies
Galactic Gathering 2010
Sony Online Entertainment
Fan Faire 2010

Tony Tyson – “Teesquared” Producer
Michael Farone – “Fiasco” Lead Designer
Jeff Haskell – “Jaskell” Designer
Mikkel Jensen – “Hjal” Designer
Alex Allen – “Aphox” Lead Artist
Lorin Jameson – “DeadMeat” Austin Director of Development
Lydia Pope – “Zatozia” Community Manager

Development Plan
Rare Loot System
Profession & Game-play improvements
Witches of Dathomir (working title)
Player Created Load Screens
Galactic Civil War
Chronicles & Storyteller Updates
Unique Spawns
Holiday Events
And more!

Rare Loot System
What is the Rare Loot System?
There are 3 types of loot you can discover:
Just play the game.
Any eligible mob can drop a rare loot container.

Combat only?
The initial version is focused on combat only but we plan to look into ways non-combat professions can earn this loot as well.
Normal Loot Example – The Proton Chair
Normal Loot Example – Target Dummy
Elite Loot Example – Xeno Couch
Elite Loot Example – Office Desk
Boss Loot Example – Perfect Power Crystal
Boss Loot Example - Aurillian statue part 1
Boss Loot Example – Rare Painting

When will the system go live?
The Rare Loot System will be coming to public test Soon™

Profession & Game-play
What is the goal?
Address abilities and expertise choices that are not used.
Fix things that are broken.
Enhancements and updates will include non-profession changes.
For example, Chronicles and Politician

Who is next and will all the professions get attention?
As mentioned previously, the next professions are Officer and Entertainer.
We plan to continue to address top profession & game-play issues.
Please talk to your senators and let them know your suggestions.

Witches of Dathomir (working title)
Our next big content update.
What’s going on with the Nightsisters?
Are there Afflicted outside the Quarantine zone?
Is the Blackwing virus spreading?

This is all for you to find out.
And it’s time to save the galaxy AGAIN!
New rewards & collections.
The clothing worn by the Nightsisters and the Singing Mountain Clan will be craftable and wearable
This includes the MASK!
Repeatable content to reap greater rewards.

Player Created Load Screens
The time has come to update the tips on the load screens.
We will be putting up a forum thread where you will be able to contribute new tips.
You will also be able to add flavor text and mention your character and server.
We will be pairing your tips with our artwork that matches the planet and categories of your tip.
Enable "Options->Interface->Creature Names and Radar Symbols Blink when in Combat" to help show you when creatures have aggression towards your character.
Tip Category:
User Interface, Combat, Options
"Be careful!", Teesquared said to his companions. "The Dathomir Quarantine Zone is dangerous enough. Try to keep the undead in check. If a bunch of them come at us ... well then it's time to run!"
Flavor Category:
Dathomir, Death Troopers, Quarantine Zone, Undead
Teesquared of TestCenter

Galactic Civil War NOW
More rewards and perks coming soon.
From the poll on the forums the majority of players want consequences that are both good and bad.
While we want the impact of the GCW felt throughout the game we don’t want it to be a barrier.
We’re still working on some ideas with your feedback in mind.
We are considering both Trader & Entertainer benefits.
Galactic Civil War Leader Boards

What will the Leader Boards show?
Running list 25/10/10
Winning list 10/5/5
What are the rewards?
Badges, Titles, Collections.
Guild & City travel points like group pickup point.
And more.
How can you see them?
War Terminal
Intel Pad
War Table
Any consequences?
Possible assassination orders for the winners, with rewards (Badges/Titles/Collections) for the Bounty Hunter and the target.

Galactic Civil War NEXT
Invasions in space with capital ships.
Winning in space will affect ground and vice versa.
The impact will be felt in the ground invasions and the player cities.
For example, this could impact ground forces ability to place bases.

Player Cities
Mayors can buy props and place them like city decorations.
These props provide GCW bonuses and spawns.
They are the target of attack and defacement from the opposing faction.
Perks & Rewards – call Elite AT-AT, Shield Generators, Turrets, and more.
City Specialization

Perform Relic
Give Entertainers another reason to perform.
There will be challenges.
Do performances for other players.
Do a certain dance or song.
Perform at a specific location.
Perform as a band.
And more!

Spawn Relic
Earn Spawn Relics by killing Mobs.
With these relics Chroniclers will be able to add creature spawns to quests.
Have the creatures utter text as part of the story.
The creatures will drop loot too.

Event Props for Storyteller
They will be for sale during the events only.
They will last until the events end.
You can decorate your house or city for the event.

Unique Spawns
What are Unique Spawns?
Tough solo, single group, and multiple group mobs that will randomly spawn and wander around the planets.
What are the rewards?
Yes. They will have some cool rewards. Plus each unique spawn will have a collection associated with it. These mobs would go great with the new rare loot system.
Where will the mobs spawn?
They can spawn anywhere.

Holiday Events
We will continue to run the holidays events
Galactic Moon Festival
Wookiee Life Day
Ewok Festival of Love
Empire Day/Remembrance Day
There will be new collections, badges, and rewards.

Development Plan
The next TCG set
It’s coming!
There will be new game play

Reduced price of CTS
All transfers will be $25.

Star Wars Galaxies Fan Faire Galactic Gathering Notes
These are some of the other topics discussed by players and devs at the panel.

Cross Server Battlegrounds
To keep PvP players from flooding Starsider, it was suggested to make some cross-server battleground areas where people could join from any server. The Starsider community is considered that the reduction in character transfer will draw to many people to Starsider.
Dev Response: Cross Server tech was researched by the devs and proved to be very involved to implement correctly. Instead the team focused on getting CTS to work as best as it can.

Slow down combat
The players suggest that combat should be slowed down to improve game performance.
Dev Response: This would have a big impact on game-play and would need to be discussed at length with the community.

Player base timer
What’s the purpose of the player base timers? They seem inconvenient.
Dev Response: Coordinate with downtime maybe.

Entertainer Leveling
Leveling for entertainers is a tad boring. Maybe ad more quests or combat skills. Bring back Theatre experience and quests.
Dev Response: Looking into adding more types of activities.

Gardens were mentioned in 2007. What’s being done?
Dev Response: We don’t have specific gardens planned in the immediate future but Witches of Dathomir will have features that will quench the thirst a little.

Pets XP
Why don’t pets get bonus xp?
Dev Response: It would require too much time to change the system but we are aware of the pet leveling issues.

Costumes for Combat
Dev Response: We want it too.

Flatten Land Objects
It was suggested to give the ability to flatten terrain for entertainers.
Community team suggestion: Maybe instead offer dance floors objects/structures.

Add horns or other ornamentations to armor.
Dev Response: It could be done but would require make a copy of an armor set to do.

Teesquared & Team