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[Selling] Pricing Bulk order deeds


Stratics Veteran
Hi all

I posted the following on UO Hall . Hope people don't mind if I repeat it here too.

Is there anyone in UO these days selling bods? There used to be several vendors selling them in years gone by. I am hoping to reopen my Bod vendors but don't now howt o price them especially with all the recent changes.
It may be that I am not using the right words in UO vendor search. I search A bulk order deed and get a few free ones but not any in books. I have a few iron for sale in a book but no luck so far searching for them. I have tried 'katana bulk order deed', Katana, Bulk order deed, smith BOD etc - Nothing. Perhaps its not possible to find them in the present system.

Hopefully someone can help

Glneora - Bluebells Crystal Garden Europa