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price on some simple stuff europa.



how much should i put my stichers mittens, spell woven britches and song woven mantle recipies on sale for, have looked around but i can only find really overpriced ones!
is there a list somewhere of recipie average prices for theese and all the others?

also i have a "table of exeptional quality" and an "of exeptional quality"
bladed staff with luck 40, ssi 15%, di 20% cold resist 5% fencing wepon.
worth anything to anyone?

many thanks in advance,


Spell woven britches: 1m
Stitcher's mittens: 2-3m
Song Woven Mantle: 500k-10

There is not list of average prices for these items, but the prices of the rarer recipes is based off of the prices the items sell for, the more expensive the item, combined with its rarity essentially determines the worth of the recipe.

Table of Exceptional Quality - 100k-400k - May vary slightly depending on the type of the table.

Bladed Staff - 100k-300k