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[Price Check] Price Check *RARES*



I need prices all of this crap and more is going up for sale, I just came back to the game.

The Purple Bottle(a bottle) IS NOT an artifact it is one of the original server ups as far as i know. It was in a decaying house about 9 years ago and it was actually the only item i got from that house due to there being so many rares/people there.

the "Kettle" I actually picked this up in deciet ALONG time ago off one of the stone tables on level one. IT IS A LEGIT server up grabbed this one myself.

Dont know on the wig i think i had 2 at one point, got the obsidian from a decayed house along time ago not sure if its rare anymore ethier or the donuts.

I looted the diamond out of the first building in britian graveyard WAY BACK. I dont even remember the time frame but they were just laying on the ground most i have asked have never seen them before.

The potted plants are also up for sale as well as anything else you see on the roof.

Except myself, no one has enough money to purchase me.

Contact me on AIM - BrentWorman