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PP Mare question


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So I have a PP mare that I forgot I even had on an older account that's EJ. What am I looking at to know what the value on this is?

Its a 2 slot at the moment. Im huge on using my tamer, so im trying to gauge if i should train it up for myself, or find someone who may appreciate it more..


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Depending on the stats and the server, I've bought and sold them between 45-85mil.

uo.cah for some of the world's most excellent taming info to date: Home | uo-cah.com

When I was on LS, they went about 30-45. People are very nice in chat on LS, so just ask in chat what the current rates are today. I moved to ATL and they were bewteen 60-80.

The last one I sold a year ago went for 85 on ATL, had near to high stats, and the guy was desperate. lol