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(Powder of Fortifying) versus (Crafters)


Ah Beng

I posted this on a UO Hall thread :

Devs, fellow players, please hear me out, this I think is the best and only solution possible for this stale-mate (at least the only solution which won't drive players to quit UO) :

1) Do *NOT* remove PoF.
2) But *DO* continue to make crafters more useful and more desirable.
3) Give everyone *freedom of choice* to either PoF and keep any item forever, or to replace it with a new, equally good crafted piece (make crafters produce artifact-quality stuff easily). In other words, let's achieve a balance, a best-of-both-worlds.
4) No one should be *forced* to go one way over the other (eg. forcing item breakage, or forcing smiths out of a job). Forcing pple is what will drive players away from the game.

Long Live UO! ^_^
Atlantean Angel (Formosa)