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Political discussions on Stratics.


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Hello Everyone,

As a general announcement, Stratics leadership has been reviewing some of the political based threads and the reports from those threads, and it has been decided that we will no longer allow real life political based discussion on Stratics.
The following has been added to the Rules effective immediately under the section “Prohibited Activities”
  • Engage in real-life political or religious discussions anywhere on Stratics or associated properties.

It is no secret that there are strong emotions on each side of the past elections. The past elections also contain strong topics of discussion in relation to religion, racism, sexism, and all around inappropriate behavior and accusations. These topics of discussion were already forbidden on Stratics, and allowing discussion of real life politics will only toe the line to these topics. It is also easy to get rather heated in a debate of politics, which will in some cases dissolve into borderline personal attacks and trolling which we have already witnessed.
If you have any questions regarding this policy change, please email the leadership team at [email protected].
Thank you.

Sir Osis of Liver

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In Jonathan Swifts seminal work "Gullivers travels" He touches upon the divide which we find ourselves currently constrained as regards political discourse. In the book the Lilliputians are at war with a dastardly enemy who has the temerity to crack the egg open at the wrong end when eating it! This means war! The story revolves around the war between the "little endians" and the "big endians" with Gulliver deciding the only vote that mattered for the (blank) side... read the book..
Swift was one of the first and most masterful at the art of satire with regards political commentary. Dante being a strong second, but Dante just put all the people whom he disaggreed with in hell... So.. Anyways...
We as a peoples have lost our ability to simply disagree with someone about something without resorting to specious attacks. This does not bode well for OUR republic.
I have no problem with this website cracking down on politcal discourse for the simple reason that it is a website dedicated to something which we all love namely Ultima Online! Im here for the game not what you think about healthcare!
But.. I say this with a caveat... Because as every right minded person knows the proper and correct end to crack an egg open at, is the big end,,,, Death to the little endians!
It makes no sense! if you crack the egg at the little end u end up with shell all over egg! Who are these scoundrels who say such things? They are misleading the people and the people will end up with shell fragments lodged in their teeth! or even worse yet... They will crunch the shell fragments as they chew! Death to them i say!