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On the character screen, there are two slots for pockets. I never worried about them, because I never found anything to put in them. Until now. I picked something up, put it there and... can't figure out why on earth the slots exist or anything can go there except for they had 2 empty spaces (actually, there are 3, third on is above the helm slot) and they felt the need to do something with them. They don't seem to add bag slots, they don't seem to cause an appearance item to show up on your belt or anything like that... so what are they for?

Please tell me there is a better answer that I have overlooked.


Slightly Crazed
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there are trinkets available from librarians that actually go in those slots.

Some of them have bonuses and such and some are just silly.

I cant remember offhand any examples, but visit the librarians in the capitol city and you can see some examples. You might have to check more than one.