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Players need "face" time with the devs


Stratics Veteran
The only proper way to facilitate player feedback, other than suggestions and bug reports, is to have a time frame, at minimum once a month, or a week out from any major change, or after a change. have an in game meeting with players.

It's hard to convey just exactly what is going on in the game through text, there are ways to make things vastly over powered, if used in the right way. there are also extremely weak properties.

outside thoughts will improve the growth of future content from a community standpoint. Any dev can make THEIR favorite game ever, but if they share it with people it needs to work for the audience.

I want to be clear, this isn't a "let us tell you how to do your job" post. I sincerely want to see this game excel to unparalleled levels. And simply put, there are some things that will only be clear if witnessed first hand, outside of your development zone, on live servers where we actually are subject to the problems. internal build testing works only to an extent.